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This is a brief overview of the various sub-projects that form the NifTools effort.



Project Status: Inactive
Active Developers: None
Former Developers: Shon, amorilia, tazpn
Contributors: xoalin, dragongeo2

This is our C++ library for loading, modifying, and exporting NIF files. It stores a full representation of the NIF file in memory, allowing for arbitrary re-arrangement of blocks. It also automates several types of data dependencies that exist between various blocks within the file format. It is intended to allow new developers to come on board and create plug-ins for new 3D packages quickly. (read more...)

A legacy version can be downloaded here:

The version on the git repository supports newer nif formats.


Project Status: Active
Active Developers: corwin
Former Developers: Alphax, m4444x, tazpn, wz, Shon, amorilia
Contributors: throttlekitty, skenizen, Meseira, ...


A graphical program that allows you to open NIF files, view their contents, edit them, and write them back out again. You can use it to quickly make changes to specific properties of a NIF file such as changing the texture, adding translucency, and more. A 3D view of the contents of the NIF file allows you to preview your changes instantly. You can even create texture templates, and import & export OBJ files. (read more...)


Requirements Version Download Link Additional Notes
NifSkope 1.2.0 Download Nifskope 1.2.0 Latest Stable


Project Status: Active
Active Developers: amorilia
Contributors: wz, tazpn, PacificMorrowind, taarna23, seith, alizarincrimson, rlibiez, axiliandd, therealkivan, scanti, carver13

The PyFFI library provides a Python interface to read, write, and manipulate binary files that follow a block oriented format, such as the NIF format. The library processes the xml description of the nif format and generates classes that expose all data in nif files. It also comes with extra utilities for manipulating that data, such as a stripifier and a system for applying spells on large amounts of files. It is being used by

  • the Blender scripts
  • niftoaster - a utility to parse, check, and manipulate NIF files in large batches, including
    • optimizing nif files (removing duplicate vertices, restripification, merging duplicate properties and geometries, and much more)
    • generating skin partitions for Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich
    • dumping information about nif files
    • regression testing
  • QSkope - an application similar to nifskope but supporting any file format for which a format description is written

The PyFFI library is hosted on

3D Package Plug-ins

These enable various 3D packages to import and/or export NIF files. The following table summarizes the packages we have developed tools for and some of the features supported by each.

3D Package Import Export Textures Skin Deform Animation Lights Cameras Particles Oblivion Collision
3ds Max Yes Yes Base, Glow, EnvMap, Bump, Gloss, Dark & Detail Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Blender Yes Yes Base, Glow, EnvMap, Bump, Gloss, Dark & Detail Yes Yes No No No Yes
Maya Yes Yes Base & Glow Yes No No No No No

3ds Max

Project Status: Inactive
Active Developers: None
Former Developers: tazpn, gundalf, sacarrow
Contributors: PacificMorrowind, veryxrv

(read more...)

Requirements Version Download Link Additional Notes
3DS Max 2010
3DS Max - Nif Plugin 3.4 Max NIF Plug-in


Project Status: Active
Active Developers: amorilia, neomonkeus
Former Developers: Brandano, m4444x
Contributors: PacificMorrowind, entim, shon, kikaimegami, malo, Artorp, tijer, lhammonds, fritz_fretz, zinx, ...

Blender is a free and open source program for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering, and is available for all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. The Blender NIF scripts enable Blender to import and export NIF files. The scripts also require Python and PyFFI. (read more...)

Recommended Downloads - Blender 2.49

Read the notes before starting the install process



  • Install each in order as listed.
Requirements Version Download Link Additional Notes
Python 2.6.6 Python 2.6.6 Only 32-bit, x86 version supported
Blender 2.49b Blender 2.49b
PyFFI 2.1.11 PyFFI 2.1.11
Blender Nif Scripts 2.5.9 Blender Nif Scripts 2.5.9 No official Skyrim support, workarounds available


Project Status: Active
Active Developers: Coldblood
Former Developers: Shon, Raziel23x

The current Maya plug-in is compiled for Maya versions 6.5, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5 and maya2009 for Windows. The plug-in enables importing and exporting NIF files, including skins and bones. The plug-in does not deal with animation, cameras, lights, LOD levels, particles, and other advanced features of the NIF format. (read more...)

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