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In this tutorial we explain how to get the chair into Morrowind.

Open up the TES Construction Set. Open "File->Data Files", select "morrowind.esm" and hit OK. This loads the standard game data into the editor.

Create a new static object

We're gonna make a new static model for our chair, and put it in Arrille's Tradehouse.

Select "Static" in the "Object Window", and right-click on any item in this window. A window pops up: select "New" in order to create a new object.


For ID, type "furn_mychair", and hit "Add Art File". Now select "mychair.nif" from Morrowind's game mesh folder ("...\Morrowind\Data Files\meshes\mychair.nif").


Drag it into Arrille's Tradehouse

An entry "furn_mychair" should appear in the "Object Window" list under the "Static" tab: you may have to scroll down to see it. Now in the "Cell View" window, double click on "Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse". Double click on "tolvise othralen" to get a nice view from inside the tradehouse. No drag "furn_mychair" into the render window. Press "F" to drop the chair on the ground.


Save & test

Now, do "File->Save", and name your plugin "test123.esp".


Start Morrowind, and select "Data Files". Add "test123.esp" to the game by double clicking it. Hit OK.


Hit "Play" to launch Morrowind, start a new game, and go to Arrille's Tradehouse to check out your new dwarf chair!

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