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Here is a list of NifTools' current developers as well as those who previously worked on the project.

List of Developers

This is a list of our current developers, in alphabetical order:

Amorilia Blender Plug-in, PyFFI, NifSkope, Nif Format
Brandano Blender Plug-in, Nif Format
Corwin Nif Format, NifSkope, Niflib, Nifclib
Coldblood Maya Plugin, Niflib
Elf Nif Format, Nif Java library
Koniption Documentation & Testing
Neomonkeus Blender Plug-in
Throttlekitty Documentation, Tutorials, Nif Format

Former Developers

Former developers were:

AlphaxNifSkope, Nif Format
BrickNif Format
EntimNifSkope, Nif Format, Documentation & Testing
Gundalf3ds Max Plugin
HrehehNif Format
IterionNif Format
m4444xNifSkope, Nif Format, Blender Plugin
MannoncFounder of NifTools
PacificMorrowindBlender Plugin
Raziel23xMaya Plugin
Sacarrow3ds Max plugin, Nif Format
ShonNiflib, Maya plugin, Nif Format
Tazpn3ds Max plugin, NifSkope, Nif Format
TimeslipOblivion BSA reading for OGRE
Veryxrv3ds Max plugin
WzNifSkope, Nif Format, PyFFI
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