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In this tutorial, we will create an icon for our previously created helmet. First, remove the Breton head.

Add Lights and Line up the Camera

To create an icon, our model should be properly lighted. Add an extra light, and lign up the lights in front of the model, as shown below. Also lign up the camera so that you have a nice view on the helmet.


Be sure to play with the energy intensity of the lights. Check the result by pressing F12.

Render the icon

Our icon should have a black background. Change the settings under the world buttons:


Now render a 32x32 image. Under the scene render buttons, set the appropriate size, and select Targa, RGBA format. Now hit F12.


Save the icon

Press F3 to save our rendered icon to a file. Be sure to save your file in game's icons folder. For Morrowind, this is "Data Files\Icons". I have named the icon "myhelmet.tga".

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