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In this short tutorial, we'll create a helmet. In particular, we will explain how you can make sure that the helmet will fit on your head when you equip it in the game.

Importing a head

First, we need to import a head into Blender to fit our helmet on. This will ensure that the helmet looks well aligned in the game. Let's import a Breton's head, from Morrowind. At this point, it does not really matter what race you choose.




Put a helmet on it

There's our head. Let put a helmet on it. Add a cone.


Manipulate it until it looks like a helmet. Fit it on the Breton's head. Apply a material to the mesh, and export it (without the Breton head of course) to a NIF file, say "myhelmet.nif" (we covered that already in the chair tutorial).


The inventory icon

Now you'll probably want to create an inventory icon.

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