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Game Demo's

Here is a comprehensive list of game demo's of NetImmerse/Gamebryo based games:

Name NIF Version Link Notes
Star Trek Bridge Commander 3.0
Freedom Force  
Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich
Zoo Tycoon 2  
Fiesta Online 1.03.036 Free to play MMORPG
Empire Earth 2  
Empire Earth 3  
Civilization 4  
Civilization 4: Colonization  
Wildlife Park 2  
Unpacker: Link is apparently dead. The link below currently works:

Pro Cycling Manager 2005  
Pro Cycling Manager 2006  
Pro Cycling Manager 2007  
Pro Cycling Manager 2008  
Sid Meier’s Railroads  
Sid Meier’s Pirates Anyone know how to unpack the game archives in the demo (unlike the game, it is not in fpk format)?
Entropia Universe  
Axis & Allies;3659031;/fileinfo.html  
Kohan II  
The Guild 2  
Prince of Persia 3D 2.3  

Prison Tycoon  
Prison Tycoon 2;6358532;/fileinfo.html  
Prison Tycoon 3  
Loki English Demo #2 seems to be the largest resource
Emerge Demo  
Megami Tensei: Imagine All in Japanese but free to download...
Red Ocean  
Riding Club Championships  
Free MMORPG Beta
Requiem: Bloodymare (down?)
Free MMORPG. VDK Extract VDK Unpacker (RU)
Atlantica Online Free MMORPG Beta. Uses custom NIF header.
Defense Grid - The Awakening

Extraction Tools

The Game Extractor can extract Axis & Allies and Kohan2.

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