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Welcome to NifTools

NifTools is a project that aims at providing tools and specification for the files used by the NetImmerse/GameBryo™ game engine. This effort has led to projects such as a Nif file viewer, a C++ library, and import/export facilities for 3d editing programs like Maya, 3ds Max and the free Blender. (learn more...)


The Format The Tools The Games
The core of our work has been the decoding of the Nif format. Those are the projects that make up NifTools:
  • Niflib, a C++ library for reading and writing Nif files.
  • NifSkope, an all-purpose Nif viewer and editor.
  • PyFFI.NIF, a Python module for reading and writing Nif files.
  • 3d Package plugins:
Nif-editing is only good in combination of the great games that use them, so you will find information for the following on our wiki:
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