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==Welcome to NifTools==
==Welcome to NifTools==

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Welcome to NifTools

NifTools is an open source project creating tools—such as an editor, C++ and Python libraries, and import/export plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, and Blender—for files used by the NetImmerse/GameBryo™ game engine. (learn more...)


The Format The Tools The Games
The core activity of NifTools is decoding the nif format: These projects make up NifTools:
  • NifSkope, an all-purpose Nif viewer and editor.
  • Niflib, a C++ library for reading and writing Nif files.
  • PyFFI, a Python module for reading and writing files, including Nif and Kfm.
  • 3d package plugins:
Nif-editing is only good in combination of the great games that use them:
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