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*[ Bioxx's Video Tutorials] - includes two NifSkope video tutorials.
*[ Bioxx's Video Tutorials] - includes two NifSkope video tutorials.
*[ Wz's Tutorials] and more
*[ Wz's Tutorials] and more
*[ Trey Leavens' NifSkope Guide]

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Project Status: Active
Active Developers: corwin
Former Developers: Alphax, m4444x, tazpn, wz, Shon, amorilia
Contributors: throttlekitty, skenizen, Meseira, ...


A graphical program that allows you to open NIF files, view their contents, edit them, and write them back out again. You can use it to quickly make changes to specific properties of a NIF file such as changing the texture, adding translucency, and more. A 3D view of the contents of the NIF file allows you to preview your changes instantly. You can even create texture templates, and import & export OBJ files.


Requirements Version Download Link Additional Notes
NifSkope 1.2.0 Download Nifskope 1.2.0 Latest Stable



General Purpose




List of all subpages of NifSkope:

NifSkopeNifSkope/Change textureNifSkope/Compile
NifSkope/Export texture templateNifSkope/Mesh import export
NifSkope/Render Window Camera ControlsNifSkope/ScreenshotsNifSkope/Setting the Texture Search Path
NifSkope/Working With Nifs 101 : An IntroductionNifSkope/Working With Nifs 101 : Basic Use
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