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Do you have an interest in deciphering the nif format? Maybe you want to improve the tools that will make better content available for your favorite games. Maybe you just like a challenge and are looking for a cool open source project to join. Whatever your reasons, there is plenty of work to do and we are always happy to share it with a new face!

Talents We Are Looking For

The following list is certainly not exhaustive:

  • Documentation of the current projects.
  • Hex-editing file formats and figuring out what they store.
  • Experience writing a plug-in for 3D modeling packages such as Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, or any other modeling tool, or the time and desire to learn how.
  • C++ and/or Python programming.
  • Knowledge of 3D game engines and related math such as game physics.
  • People who have an official 3ds Max or Maya Nif exporter (such as from Morrowind or CivIV) that can create sets of test files.

The specific projects that need the most help are:

  • The 3ds Max Import/Export plug-in
  • The Maya Import/Export plug-in
  • Niflib
  • NifSkope
  • Documentation

NifTools Policies

In order to avoid violating End User License Agreements, NifTools relies on examining files produced by officially released exporters. In particular, we do not reverse-engineer game binaries. NifTools is also strongly opposed against the use of copyrighted material from one game as a component of a mod for another game. Also see our forum rules.

How to Join

If you have something useful to contribute, simply post what you are working on on the NifTools forum, or on the patch tracker. Finally, anyone is encouraged to clone our git repositories.

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