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Here is a list of NifTools' current developers as well as those who previously worked on the project.

List of Developers

This is a list of our current developers, in alphabetical order:

amorilia Blender scripts, PyFFI, NifSkope, Nif Format
Brandano Blender scripts, Nif Format
entim NifSkope, Blender scripts testing, Nif Format, Documentation
Hreheh Nif Format
raziel23x Maya plugin
sacarrow 3ds Max plugin, Nif Format
throttlekitty Documentation, Tutorials

Former Developers

Former contributors were:

Gundalf 3ds Max plugin
Iterion Nif Format
m4444x NifSkope, Nif Format, Blender scripts
maian NifSkope
mannonc Founder of niftools
Shon Niflib, Maya plugin, Nif Format
tazpn 3ds Max plugin, NifSkope, Nif Format
Timeslip Oblivion BSA reading for OGRE
veryxrv 3ds Max plugin
wz NifSkope, Nif Format
xoalin Niflib
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