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Project Status: Inactive
Active Developers: None
Former Developers: tazpn, gundalf, sacarrow
Contributors: PacificMorrowind, veryxrv

Requirements Version Download Link Additional Notes
3DS Max 2010 Autodesk.com/3ds-max
3DS Max - Nif Plugin 3.4 Max NIF Plug-in


3D Package Import Export Textures Skin Deform Animation Lights Cameras Particles Oblivion Collision
3ds Max Yes Yes Base, Glow, EnvMap, Bump, Gloss, Dark & Detail Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Blender Yes Yes Base, Glow, EnvMap, Bump, Gloss, Dark & Detail Yes Yes No No No Yes
Maya Yes Yes Base & Glow Yes No No No No No


This documentation is not complete, and likely never will be, but as this is a wiki, please feel free to contribute and comment.



List of all subpages of 3ds Max:

3ds Max3ds Max/Conversion3ds Max/ExporterSettings MW
3ds Max/ExporterSettings Ob3ds Max/Guides/Collision Example 1
3ds Max/Guides/Config3ds Max/Guides/Config/Fallout3ds Max/Guides/Dismemberment
3ds Max/Guides/Exporter3ds Max/Guides/Importer
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