NifUtilsSuite (1.2.2) released (2013-12-23)

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NifUtilsSuite (1.2.2) released (2013-12-23)

Postby skyfox » Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:35 am

Hello there,

I have released the successor of ChunkMerge and NifConvert. It's all in one tool now with some lightweight DirectX preview. Current version - NifUtilsSuite (v1.2.2),

Here're some features:

- NifConvert and ChunkMerge in one tool
- ChunkExtract tool for extracting Skyrim collision data as NIF or OBJ
- ModelViewer as simple DirectX previewer for model and collision data (including Chunks and BigTris)
- ChunkMerge supports bhkRigidBody::SkyrimLayer

For those interested in source code: Have a look here.

Issues should be posted here - NifUtilitSuite - Help Thread

Edit: Updated link to new version 1.2.2 on December 23th 2013

Version Info (1.2.2):
* Fix: Common: forgot to update CHANGELOG.TXT
* Fix: ChunkMerge: handling of oblivion-style collision information when not re-use collision dat
Version Info (1.2.0):
* New: Common: added ReferenceGuide documentation
* New: Common: (Beta) support simple collision meshes allowed in Skyrim (e.g. bhkBoxShape, bhkNiTriStripsShape)
* New: Common: support NiTriStrips next to NiTriShape
* New: Common: adapt to newest nifxml/niflib
* New: NifConvert: optional remove all collision nodes from NIF tree
* New: NifConvert: re-use tangents and bitangents from NiBinaryExtraData
* New: ChunkMerge: in-place collision nodes vs. global collision structure
* New: ChunkMerge: detect and report NIF version
* New: ModelViewer: add more colors (e.g. background, ambient)
* New: ModelViewer: display (bhk(Packed)NiTriStrips)
* Fix: Common: use correct version info in resource data
* Fix: NifConvert: remove all NiMaterialProperty objects
* Fix: ModelViewer: display vertex colors in case of existing texture
* Fix: ModelViewer: display wireframe of simple collision data in correct size
* Fix: ModelViewer: occasional crash when showing model

Here're some impressions:
Image Image Image Image Image Image
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