FO4 How do I remove VF_Vertex_Colors flag without CTD?

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FO4 How do I remove VF_Vertex_Colors flag without CTD?

Postby XunAmarox » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:45 pm

I've been working on a few meshes with 3Ds Max + HCT 2014 + Elric and everything goes fine except that even though in my BSLightingFX in Max I have "Show Vertex Color" unchecked it's still throwing vertex flags on everything it can. My BSTriShapes get VF_Vertex_Colors and my BSLightingShaderProperties or other things like BSEffectShaderProperties are getting FSF2_Vertex_Colors tacked on. The FSF2_Vertex_Colors aren't a problem, I can remove those no problem. As soon as I save my nif with even one VF_Vertex_Colors flag removed from a BSTriShape though, my game will instantly crash on loading into a save with the object placed, or crash instantly when hovering over either the category or item itself in the workshop.

ousnius said this in some SSE thread:
Do NOT manually edit BSTriShape blocks in NifSkope, ever.
Especially the vertex flags. Neither for SSE nor for FO4. :tongue:

This will cause the game to crash or cause other issues, because the data size and the other flags won't match anymore.

You would have to calculate the other flags and the data size accordingly by hand, which isn't too easy unless you know the ins and outs.

So if I can't edit the BSTriShape blocks in Nifskope and unchecking "Show Vertex Color" in Max doesn't actually omit vertex flags... how the heck am I supposed to get rid of VF_Vertex_Colors? It makes some of my meshes black, and it obviously shouldn't be there.
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Re: FO4 How do I remove VF_Vertex_Colors flag without CTD?

Postby jonwd7 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:10 am

What he said is correct. You cannot manually touch any of the fields on BSTriShape unless you know what you are doing.

Are you sure that "Show Vertex Color" is the only BSLightingFX option in Max relevant to vertex colors? If the mesh you export has VF_Vertex_Colors, and the BSLSP for the shape has FSF2_Vertex_Colors and the vertex colors are 100% white, it shouldn't be making your meshes black. I think ousnius's tool will remove all-white vertex colors and turn off all the appropriate flags even for NIFs that are already in SSE format. So if you really want the flag gone and not just assure that you made all the vertex colors white, just re-run them through his tool.
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Re: FO4 How do I remove VF_Vertex_Colors flag without CTD?

Postby XunAmarox » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:32 pm

I'm modding for Fallout 4, not SSE. I've never used his tool and I don't think it'd be appropriate to make my FO4 nifs into SSE nifs.

Vertex colors are being included as #01010101 in the Vertex Data even though the original meshes I imported had no vertex colors and I did not add any.

"Show Vertex Color" in BSLightingFX, or whatever other shader I might use, is the only place that I know of that such a thing exists in Max. But I'm brand new to Max. I'm mostly a texture artist, but I got pretty good with Blender back during Oblivion. I stopped during Skyrim when the import/export process got so complicated. So if there's some vertex setting hidden somewhere else in Max that I don't know about it's entirely possible that could be doing it.

As for the meshes being black... It isn't in Nifskope, it's in-game. After removing FSF2_Vertex_Colors they aren't black in Nifskope. They still are in-game with VF_Vertex_Colors unable to be removed though.

edit: It seems that going into the Channel Editor and clearing any vertex info from there fixes the problem but now they're exporting without proper hierarchy even with compressed shapes checked which is bizarre.

edit: By the way, do you know how to export so that BSShaderTextureSets aren't shared between all objects? I've tried setting different materials but whether shapes are compressed or not they seem to end up all having the same BSShaderTextureSet.

edit: Also, how do I name my animation events in 3Ds Max or Nifskope? The animations export embedded in my nifs just fine but without animation event names I'm unable to play the animations with something like Default1StateActivator, which is a real problem.

edit: Alternatively, how do you tell a script to trigger an object's animation if that object doesn't have named event states for its animation?
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