Nif.xml v0.7.1.0 Released

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Nif.xml v0.7.1.0 Released

Postby neomonkeus » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:30 pm


- Skyrim Havok Material names : (ttl269)
- Skyrim specific bhkRigidBody, Layer & Collision Filter values : (ttl269)
- MoppData build target : (Skyfox69)
- EffectShaderControlledVariable, LightingShaderControlledVariable, LightingShaderControlledColor decoding & descriptions : (abies,ttl269)
- Add RockSmith & RockSmith 2014 to list of supported games : (neomonkeus)
- HalfSpaceBV fix : (ttl269)

Thanks to all involved with contributions
- Please post bugs and feature requests on the forum.

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