problem exporting skyrim model for SE.

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problem exporting skyrim model for SE.

Postby PROMETHEUS » Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:48 pm

I am using a 3dsmax files,

installed the new 3dsmax exporter importer for max 2016 and Reexported

the whole

set ...

Now I dunno why ingame it looks like this : ... 5b2b64.jpg

Here are both my files ...

Is anyone able to check what could be wrong ?

Those are the settings I used to export ... b7fb73.png

I have even tried to pick and copy the pants from this exported nif into an older ( working ) nif replacing the pants, but the results were like those : ... 411580.png

wich is weird, I have checked the files and the skin modifier in max and all is fine , the bsdismember also fine , all is fine but ingame it looks messed and if I copy from one nif to another the skin modifier looks messed... I dunno whats going on ...

I hope someone can help me here.
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