Nightly Dev builds - Pre-Alpha 4

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Nightly Dev builds - Pre-Alpha 4

Postby neomonkeus » Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:56 pm

Note : Description needs to be fully updated : Targeted version Blender 2.70+

  • Read the documentation
  • This is a pre-alpha test build, it is not intended for production work, for testing purposes only
  • Using unsupported features, will crash the scripts.
  • No additional dependencies requirements, self contained
  • Skyrim partially supported

To learn more about the porting strategy, refer to Blender 2.5+ Development Process - FAQ
Current Milestone Dev Tracked Issues - Github Open Developer Issues
Overall Roadmap - Blender Road-map

Read the User Documentation for correct usage, supported features.

  • Read the sections above : i.e disclaimer and documentation before downloading, any questions asked that show you didn't will not be answered
  • Read changelog below
  • Experimental Builds
  • Don't forget to register the addon after installation
  • First tutorial on how to use the new scripts - Refer to documentation:
  • Scripts should import and export any Oblivion simple static mesh with a uv mapped texture
Version 2.6.0a4 (in development)

Full Changelog:
  • Additional material properties support (alpha, specular, stencil, wire).
  • Add support for NiTexturingProperty (diffuse, bump, and glow).
  • Fix issue with material texture blend type importing (reported and fix contributed by mgm101).
  • Added experimental vertex color support.
  • Extensive work on the testing framework:
  • Tests created based on new features.
  • Re-organised tests into per feature, generated test nifs.
  • Inheritance based checks now functioning.
  • Collision support:
  • Basic BhkShapes Cube, Sphere, Cylinder.
  • Convex Vertex, NiPacked, NiTriStrips Shapes.
  • Bound Box support.
  • Subsystem separation (collision, armature, material, texture).
  • Bundle pyffi with scripts.
  • Distribute zip that can be used with Blender’s built-in installer.
  • Documentation vastly improved.
  • BSEffectShaderProperty Partially supported.

Gerenal troubleshooting - viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4098
- Please post bugs and feature requests on the forum.

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