Discussion regarding the decoding of the NetImmerse File Format and the Documentation System
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Postby SLuckyD » Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:53 pm


>>> Used to tell Skyrim HOW to show the nif in the Player's inventory. If this node is not added/used, Skyrim will STILL show the nif in inventory, using the defaults below (ie: distant, near-straight-on, frontal view]

- add the bsInvMarker to the root bsFadeNode
- select it, then (under block details at the bottom) r-click the 'txt' value next to 'Name'
- choose 'edit string index', type "inv" to add the new string (without quotes)
- select the root bsFadeNode, change NumExtraDataList to +1, update the array
- assign the bsInvMarker to the next available slot in the array
- change the values of the 3 unknown variables as desired

1st Unknown: Y Rotation, 0 is default (mesh is 'correct side up')
every +100 is about a 10deg tilt of the top of the mesh toward viewer

2nd Unknown: X Rotation, 0 is default (mesh is viewed near-straight-on from the 'front')
1570 is the mesh viewed from the side (90deg rotated), 0 is left side of mesh rotated toward viewer until it is just past center on the right (by about 5deg), so each -150 or so is 10deg rotated counterclockwise (if looking down from above & in front of the mesh)

3rd Unknown: Zoom Factor, 16256 is default (mesh is fairly distant)
16000 the mesh is way off in the distance, 16600 mesh is really close (so every +-100 is roughly 1x zoom factor); higher than 16600 causes the mesh to be way too close (even so it can no longer be seen), lower than 16000 the mesh may be too far away to see

[Bethes-dation: bsInvMarker is listed 1st in the bsFadeNode's ExtraDataList, "inv" is capitalized [these 2 details don't appear to make a difference, though seems to be Bethesda's standard... thus may be influential to nif aspects as-yet unplumbed, eg:animations or what-have-you]

These pics were taken during my foray into modern Nifskopery... in lieu of the CK not being released for up to 2 more months now (could be the END of January..). The nif used is completely custom (except the bsLightingShaderProperties, which Nifskope is unable to change the 4th digit of); and will be used in my upcoming mod: The Gokstad - a sailable, player-owned Viking long boat (which is also a mobile 'Player home')... more details to come. [btw: that's only the floor & hull of the ship for ease of experimentation - there is SOOOO much more detail, porting the fully animated oars and sail is my next recon mission]

no marker added:
unknowns set to: 0-1570-16256
unknowns set to: 100-150-16550

*** (this boat is about 75' long, so is a pretty large mesh... smaller/larger meshes may have diff results with the actual settings) ***

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Re: bsInvMarker

Postby amorilia » Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:44 pm

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Re: bsInvMarker

Postby neomonkeus » Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:37 pm

How can you fit a boat in your inventory. :shock: *Mind Blown*. Good work.
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Re: bsInvMarker

Postby throttlekitty » Sat Dec 03, 2011 8:09 pm

A little different than my findings from last night:

Scale and Rotation work nicely as floats, so I wonder if that's just a coincidence of the data types?
Edit: oh, looking at a couple more files now, I see it doesn't work nicely as floats.

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Re: bsInvMarker

Postby SLuckyD » Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:05 pm

That wasn't a 20m boat in my inventory... I was just happy to.. AHEM..

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