how encrypted files nif.

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how encrypted files nif.

Postby M0re » Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:13 pm

Hellos, im need encrypted files .nif for other people not see this files, how make? thanks.

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Re: how encrypted files nif.

Postby neomonkeus » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:07 am

You can't "encrypt" nif files because in order to use your encrypted files the engine that uses them would need to know how to "decrypt" them.

If you care about people copying the contents of your files, you have to manage where you distribute your files, i.e an encrypted zip file?
At that point its really an issue of trust. Who you trust with the files, how how people can get access to them, etc.
We only deal with giving people the ability to make content, what people do with that as owners of the content is left in their control, not ours.
Unfortunately your dealing with the human element at that point, which isn't something we have to cater for as open source software :D

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Re: how encrypted files nif.

Postby M0re » Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:14 am

hellos, is possible encrypted nifs, why u writte me not possible ?
im have examples for nif not possible open why is encrypted. u have time im send one for u check.
Im have file original and file encrypted, but idk how this person make this encrypt.

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Re: how encrypted files nif.

Postby jonwd7 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:16 am

There is no possible way for you to arbitrarily encrypt NIFs. If a NIF is actually encrypted that's something proprietary and specific to whatever game is using the NIF. However I doubt the NIFs you think are encrypted are actually encrypted. It's a big leap to assume that since you can't open them that they are encrypted. They could also be packed inside of a custom game archive and you simply haven't unpacked them. I know for a fact that some NIFs need to be unpacked to be read. But packed is not the same as encrypted.

Basically what you are asking is simply not possible. As neo said, if you were to encrypt a NIF, the game engine wouldn't even be able to read it as it can only take unencrypted files. You would need to write a DLL which hijacks the NIF loading by the game engine and runs your decryption scheme on the file so that what the game is getting is unencrypted. And I'm going to guess that's not something you can or want to do.

Since you haven't even mentioned the game, I will say that some games might encrypt all their content, but this is completely outside of the NIF format and has nothing to do with us and we have no ability to help you. In this case the NIFs would be encrypted after being read/written by NIF authoring programs, not by the NIF programs themselves. In this case there are likely tools to encrypt and decrypt files after you have authored them. If so you need to find what the game uses for its encryption scheme and find the encryption/decryption tools for that scheme. But again, in this case you should be asking on a forum for that particular game.

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